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Me Hate Partisanship

February 21, 2012
By CoreyVernot SILVER, Hamilton, Ohio
CoreyVernot SILVER, Hamilton, Ohio
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Dear Loyal Party Member,

We in the Democratic party have long held the belief that polarized politics are detrimental to the system. As you well know, our party faces severe threats from an extreme and irrational faction of the right that is threatening to destroy our country. The young rookie Tea Party candidates have taken the political system hostage. They have used a loud, fanatic, far right minority voting populace to silence the more moderate majority. They refuse to compromise. They refuse to negotiate. They refuse to even consider any of the quality legislation that this nation needs to move forward. The Tea Party is willing to see the entire system fail, just to preserve their outdated and ideological dogma. There is absolutely no place for this kind of extreme partisanship. The “My Way or the Highway”, highly partisan attitude that they have adopted is dangerous to everyone, and is destructive to the political system. We will resist it only with the help of our valued supporters.

In essence the Tea Party supporters are political terrorists, and we do not negotiate with terrorists. With the help of our own loyal and passionate core of Democrats, our representatives will be able to stay strong in the face of these political terrorists. Personally, I have already written my Senator in Washington five times, urging him not to give in to the demands of the right, and I implore you to all do the same. Let them know you still hold your devotion to the Democratic Party. Tell them to remain adamant and courageous, and not to vote on the bogus legislation proposed by the right that violates our ideals. It might mean that some laws don’t get passed, but it is necessary if we are to fight this infection of extremist politics coming from the Republicans. In these hard times, our representatives need our support if they are to combat the immature partisanship of the Tea Party. If you have any doubts in your mind that the source of the stagnating partisanship in todays politics emanates from the Tea Party and other Republicans, please, let me dispel those doubts now. Here, laid out bare and honest for the public eyes, are countless examples of the gross Republican partisanship.

The Republicans, in their depravity, paint a black and white picture of the political realm with their use of manipulative rhetoric. They use their obscene and borderline nefarious propaganda to portray one party’s policies as evil, while another’s as the essence of good. The Democratic party works valiantly to stop this kind of partisan rhetoric, but the overwhelming waves of negativity from the right are often just too much. This “dumbing down” of politics is nothing short of the Tea Party Republicans attempting to deceive and divide the people of this nation. The Democratic party understands the dangers of this, and so our party works hard to portray the complicated nature of issues rather than a partisan, good and evil version. The plain truth is that Republicans oversimplify issues and Democrats don’t.

A major tool of all partisanship is name calling. By creating a derogatory name for something, a party is able to make an illusion that is simpler (generally in a bad way) than it actually is. Name calling is the bread and butter of the Tea Party terrorists. These terrorists insist on referring to Obama by his middle name, Hussein, and create negatively connotated names for his programs, like ‘Obamacare’. Meanwhile, the tea baggers carry signs that compare Obama to Hitler and call him a ‘Commie’. This kind of partisan name calling has no place in politics, and the Democratic party needs your help to stop it.

The Tea Party also oversimplifies issues by exaggerating the policies and beliefs of their opponents to create negative images. This often times amounts to little more than fear mongering on their part, and such a thing is only disruptive and dangerous. They accuse the Democratic party of attempting to bring the nation to socialism. This is not only an immensely immature exaggeration, but also the height of hypocrisy coming from a party trying to bring the nation into a fundamentalist theocracy. They distort the health care issue by claiming that Democrats are attempting to create death panels that decide whether the elderly live or die. This is the same party that is actually trying to remove social security and medicare protections and leave your Grandmother on the street to starve. That kind of hypocrisy and extreme partisanship is precisely what is destroying this nation, and we in the Democratic Party need your help to fight it.

All of these terrible, awful partisan principles- the good and evil rhetoric, the derogatory and belittling name calling, the exaggerations and fear mongering- are put into play in the absolute quintessence of negativity: Republican propaganda. This propaganda can come in many forms, including TV ads, pamphlets, and billboards. One of the most despicable examples is their inter-party letters, which circulate and multiply like roaches and vilify the Democratic party. In such letters, they pervert the truth to the point where they actually claim we are the partisan group, and that they are innocent! Such convoluted webs of lies can only be fought with an equally strong wave of truth and transparent reality, which is why we send out these eye opening statements, to give the public a sense of what is really going on.

Partisanship is a serious problem that is gripping this nation. Our Democratic representatives work tirelessly against it, but it is impossible to run an efficient government with this kind of team mentality slowing things down. Please, help us in our fight against partisanship in politics by returning the form below with a generous check to help secure our Democratic ideals. Extremist politics, that absolutize one side as right and another as wrong, are immature and costly, and must be put to an end immediately. It is dividing the nation and destroying our government, and can only be stopped with an outcry from the people to end government and social systems that are divided by party lines. Because of this, we thank you for your past and continued unflagging loyalty to the Democratic party, for it is only with your help that we will be able to defeat this diabolic threat from the right.

Staying strong,

May King Polar,
Local Democratic Party Organizer

The author's comments:
Just a satire of the current political climate, and the intense amount of partisanship and hypocrisy that is demonstrated on both sides of the aisle. (read carefully, I am not dogging democrats or republicans, but the system as a whole)

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on Feb. 28 2012 at 4:57 pm
Imaginedangerous PLATINUM, Riverton, Utah
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Haha. I love how you decry name-calling and then label them terrorists in the same sentence. :)