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Barack Obama and John McCain

October 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Barack Obama and John McCain
First I'm going to start out with Barack Hussein Obama was born in August 4 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Barack's dad Barack Obama Sr. was born in Nyanza Province, Kenya and Barack's mom Ann Dunham was born in Wichita, Kansas. Obama father died in a car crash in the year 1982 and his mom died in the year 1995 from cancer. All of the work led him to run for Illinois state senate as a democrat. Obama was elected in 1996 from the south side neighborhood of Hyde Park. Out of all those years Obama worked with both democrats and republicans in drafting legislations on ethics. That made health care services expand and made early childhood education programs for all the poor. Also Barack created tax credits for all the poor. In the year 2000 Obama made a bad choice going against Bobby Rush the four term incumbent candidate for the US house of representative. Obama gave the keynote address at the democratic convention in the year 2004. Now in the year 2008, Barack Obama nominated for the president by the Democratic Party.
Now I am going to talk about John McCain was a short tempered guy. He doesn't flow with his party. John McCain has a lot of military experience because his dad and grandpa was a 4 star captain. John McCain banned soft money contributions and he also was named time magazine one of the top 25 individual people in America. In the year 2008 he decided to run for president but lost to George W. Bush. In the year 2008 John McCain decided to run for president against 3 other senators Barack Obama Hilary Clinton. Now John McCain is going against the democrat Barack Obama because Hilary Clinton lost the U.S votes.
If I had a chance to vote, I would vote for Barack Obama because he has nothing about the U.S military and if John McCain would run for president he would get mad if any one from any country tries to hurt this country. If any country does he is short tempered, so he would just tell the U.S military to go bomb that country to trying to hurt this country. Barack Obama would try to make a truce with the terrorist and might get assassinated but no body knows until he actually does it. If the truce works all troops in the U.S military would come back to the U.S military base. No one would get hurt and nothing bad would happen unless Barack gets assassinated. Barack is a nice guy and he helps anyone that needs help. These are all the reasons why I would vote for Obama if I had the chance to.

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on Mar. 17 2009 at 6:05 pm
TheFitfulFire BRONZE, Houma, Louisiana
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First of all, Barack Obama (as a senator) didn't do much but vote present, nor has he drafted much if any legislation at all. Secondly, if you are goin to mention one candidate's entire name, list the other's as well, and have the decency abd respect to use proper grammer and structure throughout. Thirdly, do not jump to conclusions about the decisions a man will make under such circumstances as being President. Just because McCain has a military background does not mean he will "tell the military to go bomb that country." There are several procedural steps that must be taken before the word bomb is even dreamt of as a solution. Besides, what makes one think that terrorists will want to negotiate?