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Intolerance in Our World

March 26, 2009
By Grant Broadway BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Grant Broadway BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Around the world, an estimated 250 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 are currently being forced into child labor, 150 million of them in Asia alone. Prejudice and intolerance are becoming swiftly escalating practices around the world. This leads to suicides, hate crimes and murder. The power of prejudice, the destruction of the Holocaust and the evil of child labor are all reasons why I believe that tolerance can’t be a reality in today’s society.
To begin with, child labor is evil. Children around the world primarily in Asia are being forced into child labor. At the Museum of Tolerance one of the exhibits called the Millennium Machine. It talked about child labor and minors being sold by their own families to individuals that will would them to death. I don’t understand why children are being sold into a life of despair and misery by people that are supposed to love them. Barely having food, and working all day for some stranger, as they master. Why after the fact that we know what is going on do we just sit in the backfield and continue to do nothing and watch this proceed. The answer is, we are afraid to make a change, we don’t care or we don’t want to cause any problems and get ourselves into trouble. Child labor truly is evil.

Thereafter, the destruction of the Holocaust, 6 million Jews and others died. Wow! This is indescribable how much that hurts me when I hear how the evil and hatred of one man can almost wipe out a whole race just like that. If we don’t recognize the importance of remembrance this can and will happen again. In the video,” If You Cried You Died,” the survivor described the misery and woe that he experienced. The backbreaking labor, the disease and the sight of Nazi soldiers will forever haunt his thoughts.

Finally, prejudice, “an adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts. “In the result, thousands of people die a year because of it. In “The Truth about Hate” video they talked about a boy who while walking down the street was beaten up because he was a homosexual. After that the town held a meeting to stop this from happening. A week later he committed suicide by hanging himself. Prejudice is a powerful thing but together we can put a stop to it.

The evil of child labor, the destruction of the Holocaust and the power of prejudice are three of my many reasons why I believe that tolerance can’t be a reality in today’s society. So, the power of prejudice was supported with evidence from the video, “The Truth about Hate.” The evil of child labor supported by the Museum of Tolerances exhibit, “ The Millennium Machine” and the destruction and heartbreak of the Holocaust supported by evidence from the video, “If you Cried you Died.” Even though I don’t think the prejudice and intolerance of the world will end (on a worldly scale) you as an individual can fight towards becoming more tolerant. Together we can make the world a better place.

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