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Tolerance.. Reality or not?

March 26, 2009
By Brandon Arellano BRONZE, Indio, California
Brandon Arellano BRONZE, Indio, California
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I’m not so sure if tolerance can be a reality. There are always stories on the news and in the news paper about fights and sometimes deaths over race, religion, and background. Then there’s the holocaust. And lastly, there’s the election of President Obama.
It seems as if every morning as I’m being taken to school, or when the news is on when my family and I are eating dinner, that here is always something to do with hate crimes, or targeted killing. There’s so much of it, its mindboggling. There is seemingly an endless stream of it. I hope that this stops, but based on my experiences, it’s not going to.

There were lots of examples I the museum of tolerance. It showed lots of examples against tolerance. Its biggest example: the Holocaust. It also had a section on bullying and a there was a room full of televisions showing hate crimes committed around the world. There were about thirty different stories being handled in the minute or so it took us to pass though. Even if the holocaust survivors say that they don’t hate Nazi’s, I think secretly they still harbor some hard feelings towards them. Don’t get me wrong, if anybody has the right to, it’s them. Yes, the Museum of Tolerance is touching and trying to get people to have more tolerance, but there is still so much going on.

There is also president Obama being elected that caused quite a stir amongst the American people. The opposing politicians would’ve leveled the same accusations if Obama had been white. The African Americans pushed racism on themselves. That’s why Obama was invincible: because people didn’t want to be labeled as racist and be shot down by everybody. His people took advantage at that, and if you said “, he isn’t even a for sure American citizen!” his entire backing would have you shot down and people realized that they couldn’t touch him. It’s ridiculous and unfair to all who opposed him. Still, congratulations to him for getting the position, but he cheated in a way. If there's something against the “colored” people, they always make every single opposition seem like a big deal. They’ll always keep it alive even if everybody else forgets it and/or moves on. It’s sad, and unfair.

All in all, I’m not too sure if tolerance can be a reality. There are always going to be major obstacles working against it. I hope that I’m wrong, but how I see things, it’s not going to happen.

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