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I am Still Human

June 11, 2021
By stacy_berganza BRONZE, Flanders, New Jersey
stacy_berganza BRONZE, Flanders, New Jersey
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Get off our land! Speak our language!

Go away you rapist, you drug lord, you job stealer. Go away you alien!

Who are you to tell me where I do or do not belong. I may not look like you, I may not sound like you, I may not walk or talk like you. 

But I am still a human, like you. 

I still have feelings like you. I still feel pain. I still feel sadness. I still feel fear. I still feel anger. And I still feel happiness like you. 

I may not be from here like you, but I have devoted myself to this land like you. 

You do not have the right to treat me like an animal, or as if I am below you.

My tears, blood and sweat are in those cozy homes of yours. Your sweet home was made by my hard-working hands. 

Those sweet and bitter fruits and vegetables were grown and picked by my hard-working hands. 

That building at which you work at, was polished and shined by my hard-working hands.

You wouldn’t be able to live a single day without my hard-working hands. 


You may be from this country but this country would be nowhere without me. 

So no! You do not have the right to speak to me like that. Because I am human like you and without me you’d be at shambles.

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