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What does it take to be a brown teen?

November 10, 2021
By sus_07 SILVER, New Delhi, Other
sus_07 SILVER, New Delhi, Other
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“I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.”

What is the best part about being a teenager?
The golden age of 13-19 is the best time for us to explore 'us' and 'ourselves'. It is the best time to recognize our passions, our talents and our responsibilities. But is it easy being a Gen Z teenager?

Teenagers are often crowded with certain expectations and when we don't meet them, we constantly blame ourselves. The real question is that why does expectations that society has set for us, impact us?
The answer is not a piece of cake until you realize it, it is, after you do. We are not impacted by the expectations of people but the benchmarks that we set for ourselves. We expect better from ourselves. But when we stop doing that, that's when we seize the moment. We realize that though we need to work hard during the course of these seven years, we also need to enjoy it and make the best of it.

Another interesting realization is regarding 'peer pressure'. Today, all of us want to imitate that one cool friend. Maybe because he has a new PS4 or a new i phone. But looking for the gold, we loose the diamond. Maybe that friend has all the materialistic things that we crave for but what we have is sheer talent, something that will help us succeed in life. Find things that you enjoy and believe in being your unique self.

Talking about today's generation, we are all night owls, with disturbed sleep schedules. Maybe we were up all night studying or working on am academic project but were we really that focused on it after 2 cups of caffeine? The last thing that I am going to talk about is 'focus'. We might study for eight hours a day but are we looking at the number of hours you study or the pages you read thoroughly. It doesn't matter if you study for an hour as long as you are focused during that one. Quality over Quantity applies here too.

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The author's comments:

I am a writer, a writer is a nomad, looking for platforms to showcase her talent. I am a fantasy reader, lost in books. Fantasy and Fiction has never failed to amaze me. It's not authors like Robin Sharma who taught me real life lessons, its Rowling. But, the writer who made me fall in love with literature will always be Jane Austen. She inspired me to start writing, her words are compelling. Her opinions are strong yet she presented them with elegance, that's what my writing style indicates as well. Every writer is unique, be it Emily Bronte or Agatha Christie. Every writer in history has an idiosyncratic way of presenting his/her words. I posted this article as a LinkedIn post and wanted to continue embracing as it on other platforms. 

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on Nov. 29 2021 at 12:03 am
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@tatpat Thank you so much.

tatpatpat said...
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some of the best articles i ever heard

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inspiring talent

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@sus_07 this is an amazing piece of work