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November 16, 2021
By kylieshay SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
kylieshay SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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Love, something that is preached about all around the world, something that is so globally recognized that there is a holiday for it. love is something’s that everyone loves, but why don’t some people love the different ones. Just because someone likes the same gender its wrong, they are going to hell, they are a sinner just because that person wants to love someone that’s not what the bible preaches? Why is that love so wrong. They are human right? Rip them open and look inside, they are the same as you, we all bleed the same color. But some people choose to paint the walls with that red just because someone is different, just because they aren’t a cookie-cutter human, a “normal human”. People push and tear down children just because they don’t need gender to label them, they batter and beat teens who wear their opposite gender's clothes or change their looks and body because they feel sick In their own skin, the skin they were born in. why? love is important right. So why are people showing hate instead of love? Why are we making people take their lives just because they love someone? It's time to change, open your mind. Love is love, we are all human.

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love is love 

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