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The Curse Of Intelligence

March 16, 2022
By Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
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The curse of intelligence, the amount of knowledge so highly viewed and sought after, is the expectations that come with it. If people view you as intelligent they do not see your personality, flaws, quirks, or other things that begin to define your personality; however they set upon you the expectations to be better than others. Because you work well, because you are deemed higher, they expect more from you, ignoring that this is equally as demanding of anyone no matter their bucket of knowledge. This is why so many people who are deemed intelligent either try to deny the fact and live ordinary lives, or they simply kill off any ounce of personality that could damage them. This societal stereotype is a cruel and unjust way to measure someone. There are some qualities that people seem to deny could ever interact or blend into an intelligent person; for example, people who are outwardly extraverted who seem loud, obnoxious, and foolhardy. People assume these qualities stem from ignorance or low intelligence; though these qualities are sometimes deceiving in the fact that why should one's happiness be defined by their pool of knowledge? Same can be said for people who are the opposite, simply because someone is calm and quiet doesn't necessarily mean they are intelligent and focused, on the contrary they could be day dreaming about something extremely different all the while looking at you very focused. Intelligence should not be a factor in which we measure society, because if we expect those who love to learn and seek knowledge to conform to a quiet, restricted lifestyle, even when they are extremely extraverted, they will hurt. This conformist idea that those above average intelligence should know better than to be chaotic, loud, rambunctious is damaging to one's imagination, personal growth, and overall happiness. Simply because someone is good at math, science, history, or literature doesn't mean that they do not enjoy expressing themselves in ways that show a childish innocence or detachment from societal expectations. They want to be happy, have fun, and express themselves freely just as much as anyone else. When a student is renowned for causing trouble, and having been through alot of disciplinary action they do not stop and look into why they have done this or if they have the ability to succeed; they simply look at the students grades and see that they are lower. Lower grades doesn't mean lack of intelligence, It means lack of motivation, and positive encouragement, because no one has expected them to grow out of this phase. On the opposite side of the spectrum when an Honor Roll student is faced with disciplinary punishment they look the other way, or find ways to help this student because they have the possibility to do great things with their life. All of this a stereotypical measurement of personality versus intelligence, even though the two do not coincide. Intelligence and wisdom is simply the amount of experience you've learned, however your personality is the only one that will ever be like that; very unique. Anyone can be a genius, however no one can have the exact personality of another, even if their intelligence is on the same level. Do not impede upon someone else's happiness because they are viewed as intelligent, intelligence does not voice their opinions or personality. Intelligence isn't a measurement to force onto people, or an expectation implied by others. It should be a want, a love for learning and the inspiration to go beyond what you already know while being comfortable enough to set boundaries on where you will stay. It is a true belief that if we can push past this expectation, that we can break this curse, and inspire learning, knowledge, and acceptance of yourself, those around you, and our society as a whole. 

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This will not resonate within everyone's hearts, however it will for some. This is a cry for help, and shoulder for those who need to hear these words. You are seen, and you will be heard. 

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