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Tennis in 2023, How Women are Still Treated With Disrespect

August 24, 2023
By JonBai GOLD, Beijing, Other
JonBai GOLD, Beijing, Other
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- Liu Cixin

Tennis is a multi-billion-dollar industry and the fourth most popular sport in the world, yet it still can't offer gender equality to its athletes. From a firsthand account as a junior tennis player, I've seen many talented girls quit early after realizing the limited possibilities and minimal sponsorships.


Steve Simon said, “[the] disparate prize money was a reflection of a market that values men's sports more highly than women's.” Despite this, women's viewership matches men's when both genders are promoted equally in all four grand slams. Thus, WTA is obliged to enhance women's events to fulfill the full potential of women's tennis by allocating the same courts, the same time slots, and the same conditions as men.  


As Ons Jabeur rightly said, "I don't see why we have to wait." It's time for all tennis tournaments to give women the same pay for the same play. Progress has been slow, however, the tennis community wishes for a swifter change. The time is now for the dedication and contribution of all tennis players, regardless of their gender, to be recognized. Sportswomen deserve to be respected and valued for their work and regarded as an inspiration.

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Being a tennis player myself, I see the hard work put in by other teens, and yet their future seems dim, simply because of their sex. This is an issue that I'm extremely passionate about, and this article is meant to inspire change in the tennis community, and to, for once, give equal opportunity for the same work.

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