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meanings of life

May 1, 2014
By monsterman0304 BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
monsterman0304 BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
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Meanings of life

Are we equals in the eyes of all, or only in the lives of some. Each man has the right to an opinion and in that opinion is nothing but judgment. Is that the way we were raised? To judge others as we see fit, or were we to give the love and compassion we expect for ourselves. For in life we cannot receive unless we learn to give. Are we men or monsters in the eyes of god? For he who had created us had made us the way we are. But does that come in to play when we know of our actions. We are who we are and we control the life god has given us.
With the life we have we must give respect to those who deserve and show those who don’t what they are doing. In life we are all but humans so mistakes must be made before greatness in achieved. But once we are on top will we see what we have turned ourselves into? No, for greed and power has infested itself in our mortal bodies. Unable to fight we give in to its desires. But we are only human, we must learn to fight and when we do we will proceed in the gift of life. We will show who we without shame, without fear, without hate.
Will humanity prevail in the meaning of life? For we know not that meaning but that does not mean we cannot imagine the life it will show. It will teach us where we will go and what will happen. But the true meaning of life is the love for your friends and family. For when they leave and you are alone you will reflect on your decisions. Where did it go wrong you will ask yourself? But we all know only you can answer this question. Where did they go and what have you done to yourself? With every question there is an answer. Once you find that answer you will succeed in life. One day you will find the only person that makes you smile when you’re feeling down and when you find that person you will be happy forever.
Are we all equals? I do not know. But that is not decided by one man but decided by everyone on earth. Weather you show your compassion or hide it is up to you. But once you open up and tell the world who you really are they will accept you. Life is all a run around but when done running you will find what you are looking for. So stop running and look around. Who are your friends and family and what do they mean to you. Do you care about them, do you love them? Will you do anything to keep them by your side? Answer that question and you have the meaning of life.

The author's comments:
i find that every man women and child should be treated as equals, despite race or age.

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