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Where Are You From?

August 21, 2014
By WallFlowerAlice GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
WallFlowerAlice GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I will never forget the day my teacher asked me where was I from. I had worked really hard on a paper for a teacher I was unfamiliar with. In all cases though we are all unfamiliar with people we think "we know". She pulled me aside after class and asked which side of town I was from and where did I go to school. I recalled her asking a girl from st.Margret   what school she was from too. So I told her and her expresion changed to disapointment as I did not tell her what she wanted to hear. Yet it seems so kind and like a compliment I could see right through her words. She lost intrest in me and I was often ignored. Now this other girl told her what she wanted to here and was her center of attention because she met her sterotype perfectly.  Again though it wasnt until sophmore year that I ever came across her again my friend came from St.Marys but she was not good at this subject. Yet I swear she did not try she got an A.

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The moral of this story is that this teacher formed the opinion that I was not good as her or my friend. She thought that since I was not from the east or the west side. That I was just terrible when she didnt even give me a chance to prove myself.

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