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Interracial Couples

August 29, 2014
By Lonesoldier GOLD, Winona Lake, Indiana
Lonesoldier GOLD, Winona Lake, Indiana
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Its the year 2014 and I have noticed many familes still do not approve of teens/ adults having relationships with people of other races.  People these days say that the only reason they don't want you dating someone of another race is because if a child comes out of the relationship they might be made fun of because they are mixed.   That is not true.  I have seen many mixed kids and to be honest the majority of them appear to be doing fine.  They have many friends, good grades, and aren't being bullied.  The real reason that I believe people disapprove of interracial couples is still because of racism.  Racism has been around for hundreds of years and here we are in 2014 and its still going on.  It needs to end I have many friends of all races, and have even dated a few of other races.  They're still human.  Its not like they are aliens.  So all I ask is the next time you notice discimination going on try to intervine.

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