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The Twilight Facts

February 18, 2010
By Piper_at_the_gates SILVER, Kennebunk, Maine
Piper_at_the_gates SILVER, Kennebunk, Maine
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The Twilight Saga. Two movies, four books, and another on the way. The stories have swept the nation indeed. Many of you say that you hate Twilight. Many of you say that you’re Twilight’s biggest fan.

On many of the articles about Twilight on here, I see many arguments about Stephanie Meyer’s writing skill, Kristen Stewart’s acting skill, or anything, really, about Twilight. I thought I’d give you my stance.

I agree that the Stephanie Meyer took the stereotypical vampire and turned it into a beautiful beast. The story, in my opinion, was very good. The writing, however, needed work. It’s not to say I could have written it better. I don’t know what my writing ability is. It is to say that maybe, just maybe, Stephanie could’ve brushed up on her skill a bit more.

Now, I hear so many people saying that they love Twilight, “Stephanie Meyer is a great writer!” etc. etc. etc. I encourage all of you took look a little deeper. I think most of the people who are saying these things are really saying that they think the story is good. It’s not uncommon for someone to think the writing of the story is the same as the actual writing. You know, metaphors, similes, hyperboles, all that stuff you hear your English teacher drone about everyday.

I wrote this article to try and make all of you understand that you shouldn’t say that the writing of a book, any book, is “fantastic”, until you really look at the writing, and not the oh-so-suspenseful plot.

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