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Black Future or Bright Future

December 11, 2009
By Gurleen Kaur BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Gurleen Kaur BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Have the summers gotten hotter. Have you seen commercials about the polar bears. If you haven't then you must be on a different planet, hopefully a planet
not suffering from Global Warming.

We all know that these are some what our mistakes. Suffering, slipping, sliding down those melting ice caps are, unfortunately, the polar bears. With the tem-
peratures rising, the ice caps are melting leaving the polar bears surronded by water and no place to go. According to a number of climate studies, the twentieth centu-
ry's last two decades were the hottest in four hundred years. The heatness on Earth could be reffered as The Greenhouse Effect. But the heat is not the only climate
problem. Some experts say that wildfires, heat waves, and strong tropical stroms are also some climate changes.

I could go on and on with the issues of Global Warming but instead ways to help would make more of a benefit.

If you walked the short distance, used less water and recycled instead of throwing it on the ground. It would make great to start off. The best way to help
is by doing the R's which are reduce, rcycle, and reuse. Americans throw away about 50 billion food and drinks! Can you imagine what the land fill looks like? I can,
a huge pile of garbage that will take hundered to four hundred years to decompose. My perspective, recycling seems like a way better choice. Or you could live under a
black cloud.

Reduce by using less of everything you know can't be recycled. For instance, don't drive your car as much. Also a benefit for you would be to walk to get

Reuse is a simple one anyone could do. Like reusing packaging supplies, your helping out and saving money. By reusing alot of stuff you could make the
Earth a better place, but could also start a chain reaction.

Though some damage has already been done we can't sit around and let more be done. Doing nothing about Global Warming is like waiting for th Earth to
blow up in five seconds.


I know people who don't want that to happen. Toyota, Honda, and Ford are all of the car companies who are helping in saving our planet. Even though they
might not be the cars you want, they are going to help the Earth. By using little gas there will be less pollution in the air. Hybird cars are runned by rechargeable batteries
and gasoline engines, rather than just gasoline engines. It reduces almost 90% of the smog which is released to the environment! But Toyota, Honda, and Ford are not
the only people helping. Only in the US about 256,000 hybirds were sold, says J.D Powers. So why don't you start becoming the person who did something instead of

Lets start changing our ways now so there could be a better future. Or you could be the person who thinks polar bears losing their home is no big deal and
we should instead hear about who won American Idol on the news!

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on Dec. 15 2010 at 10:13 am
So true! Please keep writning, as Earth is our only home.