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Living under a Sub-ruler

June 6, 2009
By Anonymous

What Is Love in God's Eyes, when you can’t show love to the person that you want to share the same love with because they tell you can’t? What does love have to do with a number(AGE)? Since when do people prohibit other to not show their feelings? Does the word "Wait" have a specific limit? Why is it that my own "family" doesn't trust me to have two things at the same time? Why do we not have a say in this? What makes you think that your giving me the "PERFECT TEENAGE LIFE" when we have to hide what we feel? Since when does God punish the rest for the Sin of another? Why does it feel like my life has been boxed-in from living a teenage life? Did adults forget that once they had a Juvenile life? Who really has a say when it comes to LOVE? If you truly LOVE me, as you say you do, why can’t you TRUST me?

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