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Boyfriend Hater

December 7, 2009
By littlemsawkward ELITE, Holbrook, Massachusetts
littlemsawkward ELITE, Holbrook, Massachusetts
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"To be great is to be misunderstood." ((Ralph Waldo Emerson))

What is the big deal about being single? Relationships are so overrated. All my friends think simply because I am single I am unhappy and I need to find someone. I've been in relationships before, and trust me, I am better off alone.

You commit to someone. Good for you. You have just sentenced yourself to a life of paranoia, resentment, and loneliness. Congratulations. You expect them to call, and they don't. They told you they would come over, but "something came up" and now they can't. The first few times this happens, you can brush it off pretty easily. However, after a few more times, jealousy begins to interrogate you; "where do you think he/she is? who is he/she with? when will he/she be calling me or coming over?" and yet again you are stuck making excuses for him/her about how he/she must have had to work late, there must have been a friend in trouble, a family emergency, and they will surely inform you of all this later. Don't even get me started on going out in public with your significant other; his/her eyes begin to wander and your immediate assumption is that they are looking for your potential replacement. You become ridiculously selfconcious without knowing the real reason why. And you can forget discussion - anything verbal will start off as a conversation and end as a fight. Whether the topic is what is on TV tonight, what's for dinner, or what the current financial dilemma is, it doesn't matter: someone is sleeping on the couch tonight. Personally, I prefer sleeping a bed, especially my own. By eliminating the source of the problem, I eliminate the problem itself. And that is why I love being single.

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