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Dear True Love and Happily Ever After

May 22, 2011
By sacagawea BRONZE, Denton, Texas
sacagawea BRONZE, Denton, Texas
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"People do not drift toward Holiness. Apart from grace-driven effort, people do not gravitate toward godliness, prayer, obedience to Scripture, faith, and delight in the Lord. We drift toward compromise and call it tolerance; we drift toward disobed

The gentlemen of this world seem to be going extinct. But is it really all the guys fault? Too many girls say they want to be treated right and yet they date for the shallow reasons and not the deep ones. Causing the true stand up guys of our generation to “finish last”. When almost every girl wants to marry a nice guy, very few will date them?

Many people are led to believe that there is just one person perfectly made for them, but this just cannot be true. Think about it, what if you were to miss out on your “one true love” and you accidently marry the wrong person. Well then you marrying the wrong person would set everything off and everyone would not be married to his or her ONE TRUE LOVE because they married someone else. See how the insanity continues to unravel? So what does this mean? NO fairy tales and “Happily ever afters”?!! GASP! Guess what! Someone “Better” will always come along. It’s just a true fact, someone more beautiful, handsome, funny, and in shape is bound to come along.
It can’t just be about the appearance. A river may look beautiful and refreshing at the time, but if it doesn’t have depth, the river will not be able to travel very far. And no one wants to be in a Shallow relationship. It is about finding a person who has the main foundation and morals as you and that will be committed to you, that is what creates depth and that’s what will continue to last.

Loving someone means: ALL IN, NO MATTER WHAT. That’s love. Love isn’t light as a feather, it’s heavy and tugs deep on the soul. Real Love is unique. And is only fully understood by receiving it from Jesus Christ, who displayed the GREATEST act of Love, by sacrificing his life for you. That is real love. And the way Christ Loves is the perfect and pure model of love.
Love is not a feeling, butterflies, fairy dust, or “not ever having to say you’re sorry”. Because feelings can easily fade, butterflies die, Peter Pan is just on Disney, and saying you’re sorry is crucial to love. We’re a sinful race sorry is a part of everyday life.

Hollywood has distorted what love really is with its pomp and unrealistic glamour. I’m sorry but vampires don’t exist, werewolves are harry, Old Spice is just deodorant, not every guy has tan skin and a chiseled six pack (thanks for that false hope Channing Tatum), and if after you don’t write back to a guy for a year and he builds your dream house anyway then he is on the break of INSAINITY, not romantics.
The truth is a movie is only two hours long and can do a RETAKE if one scene doesn’t play out perfectly. So we should stop using them as dating examples and stop taking advice from the media, because I’d like to know the percentage of how many successful relationships are actually produced from them. I think if we looked at a popular magazine the front cover could answer that question pretty quick.
Too many of us are so hungry for the love we see on the cinema, and are upset and confused on why our relationships fail to match up. Quick to fall “head over heels” and to say the famous I love you, all the while ignorant of the weight of our words. Wearing our hearts on our sleeves broken and disappointed. Our society has lost the idea of dating and getting to know someone before we dive into a relationship. Why try to make things so serious so quickly? In history have these lack of precautions ever truly made a healthy relationship? No. Most of the time it ends ugly and the only remains are seriously wounded hearts. What ever happened to “guarding your heart”? Being choosy about who we give your heart to and holding high standards.
Because patience is a thing of the past and getting what we want the fastest and most convenient way is our new standard.

The author's comments:
I was Inspired to write this because I wanted to share from my personal experience and observations of dating and relationships.

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