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Nerds are Sexy

April 11, 2012
By Sakuya PLATINUM, Richmond, Virginia
Sakuya PLATINUM, Richmond, Virginia
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For all those nervous, shy guys who are worried they can’t get a girlfriend because they don’t have a sixpack and aren’t tanner than Fabio, have no fear. Many times, you are the best kind of boy a girl could ask for.
Jocks. The scientific name is Sportacus eyecandius. Typical appearances can vary but all are usually muscular and good looking. They spend more time checking out their hair (and muscles) in the mirror then we do. This illusive beast can be seen on the field or socializing with fellow species members. It tends to have had its fair share of “relationships” and although they may not remember all their names, there is a good chance they will still have their phone numbers.
This is a very stereotypical way of describing jocks, but the underlying message is quite true. He spends more time on the field or with his friends than with you, uses way too much hair gel, and can’t take you seriously. They’ll try to push their dates too far, and may not understand the meaning of “No”. Now, don’t get me wrong ladies, sometimes you find a rare mutation in this species and can have a happy relationship with one. For those who do, way to go.
Here’s the part all those normal guys were waiting for…What many “nerds” have that jocks don’t, you guys have personalities! Being shy and sensitive is a good thing because it means you are human too. Someone who can carry on a conversation about something that isn’t related to sports can be a welcome relief. Understanding the female race isn’t rocket science because they have just as hard of a time understanding yours.
To all those nerds out there who feel like they don’t have a chance, have no fear and take a chance. The worst thing she can say is “No” right? To all those girls out there looking for “Mr. Right”, try someone you may least expect. Both of you may get a pleasant surprise.

The author's comments:
Very different from what I usually write, but I like this new tune.

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