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Rising to the Top

January 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Everyday you get up thinking today’s the day. Today’s the day it will all change. A new beginning, with a happy ending. Only you end up finding out that it’s just like yesterday, a terrible, miserable day. How much more can you take? When will it turn your way? You sit and look out the window thinking someone cares? But just who? And when will they come? You get sick and tired of waiting. So you go out and try to find that person. You want a chance to show yourself but no one is listening. You think why them and not me? What do they have better then me? Fortunately you think that if you go away and never come back, who would care? You know you’re useless. And in this world, useless people don’t make it. You have faith that you would find someone who cares and wants to offer there help. That, that one person will lift you up with all there might and keep you strong. You make a everlasting promise to them that when you do rise to the top that not only will you thank them for helping you, but also offer your help in return. When you do make it to the top the people who cared so little, now cares a lot. If I were you I would stand there proud and tall and laugh in there face. "Oh, but I forgot you were useless back then, and now your so much more then that". You look down on them and ask, “Where were you when I asked for your help”? Was I not good enough back then? What do you see in me now? Knowing the right thing to do is offer your help, you do. You say I’m not going to be like you. I’m going to grow, and help others feed so they to can grow. Using your experience you help others and make your self a better person. You believe that today, is the official beginning. Not only for you but also others who ask for help. Knowing that your there to offer that aid. Telling them that your there.


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Never give, and just keep trying!

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