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November 23, 2015
By Tamie GOLD, Sonora, California
Tamie GOLD, Sonora, California
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"if you can be anyone just be you unless you could be Buffy Summers then be Buffy Summers"

 Friends who are  your friends? Do they treat you right? Do they know who you really are or do you prtend to be something your not?  Do you miss them when your not with them? Do you cry when they cry?


Who ever your friends are. Be it online or face-to-face. Remember do not change who you are. You will have the right friends when you are who you are. 


I have  great friends who know who I am. Then, I have friends who i act different around but I don't change my self for them.  Please do not chnge who you are.


Remember, you are worth it. You are special. You are amazing. You are handsome or pretty.

Don't change your self for some one else..


I have learned that the hard way.

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