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TV and Kids

November 25, 2009
By sonya12 GOLD, Hubertus, Wisconsin
sonya12 GOLD, Hubertus, Wisconsin
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We can’t stop watching. Television can serve as a type of entertainment but typically is a fruitless waste of time. Americans today are hooked and inundated with TV violence. By the age of eighteen, the average American has seen 200,000 acts of violence while watching TV. The quality of the television shows isn’t the only poignant detail; the commercials are targeting young children. Fast food products and restaurants target children when advertising on TV. There is an average 200 junk food ads in four hours of children’s Saturday morning cartoons. To add to the problem, when television is being watched, the viewers are inactive. This contributes to obesity.
Children would rather spend time watching TV, than playing with their fathers. If they don’t want to play, then the obesity rate will just climb. To corroborate this we asked a group of children and 54% would rather watch television than play with their dad. Videos are rented more often than library items, 6:3. We need to coerce children into learning that there is fun outside of television. They need to get involved with activities like sports and clubs. Sitting in front of a TV will only turn your child into a phlegmatic couch potato or a violent menace. When America comprehends how much time we spend with the TV, 6 hours, 47 minutes average, a difference can be made.
Television statistics have always been garbled until now. With a sanguine approach, we can show children and set good examples of how vast amounts of TV can hurt us physically and mentally. Once it is understood we can all be on our way to an improved American society.

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