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The Bigger Picture

December 13, 2009
By Mathew_Ivan BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Mathew_Ivan BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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"Well when you think of thoughts the thought is you can think up the thoughts you think you can think... or so you thought."

Human nature is globally mutual; given of course, there are few exceptions. But they are just exceptions. Commonly, you’ll find that most people are abnormally illogical, flamboyantly ignorant, uneducated, and relatively unimportant. It’s culturally debilitating, and you don’t have to look very far to see it...

Let’s start with High School. I myself am of course a high school student; sophomore, next year senior. But I view the other majority, the same way I’d view any other majority, from a safe distance. And if there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that ultimately America’s youth is ultimately encouraged by culture to succeed at failing. Text-books, diplomas, and careers seem to have all been gradually replaced by sneakers, cell-phones, and social status. Now, once again, there are exceptions.But you know what, I'll make a bet with you. Five bucks, that within five seconds of your entry to any one of these public schools you’ll observe an ignorant fool declaring to the world his own stupidity. You’d think it wouldn’t be something to flaunt, but that’s what it’s become. You see it all the time. Pants below the booty cheeks being worn by the same people who accuse any and everything of being “gay”. Homophobic hypocrisy, found first and foremost in the people who express their manhood by letting other men see their butt cheeks...

But back to the bigger picture; Youth, and maturity. Despite what's commonly believed they don’t necessarily have to exist on opposite sides of the spectrum. I’m 15, look at me. 15 years isn't a very long time, yet already I have goals, values, political beliefs, and I almost have a bank account. More knowledge doesn’t mean more mature. Bottom line. Having the capacity to think logically is being mature. So don’t give me this wisdom crap, because a lot of the adults I meet are just as stupid, moronic, and mundane as some of my classmates.....

I have a question. Not rhetorical, I'm looking for the answer. Where is it all going; this culture of ours? No where, and fast. They say the children are our future. I’d certainly hope not. If the children truly are our future then we will forever be doomed to obsession. An unhealthy obsession with sneakers, jeans, drugs, and girls; never women. After all, obsession, alike hysteria, is merely a symptom of a young mind, and America certainly has (and provably so) a very young mind...

Both it and its youth have this childish fantasy. A dream, let's call it; of achieving greatness with no effort once or ever. No effort. No cash? No problem. No kidding. It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. And maybe that’s where hope in this pathetic spiral of a culture belongs, in a dream; though It seems like a nightmare.....

The author's comments:
The idea behind this piece was something I'd often complained about. It's an idea I call Homophobic Hipocracy, and it sparked the what would later become the rest of the piece.

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