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Facebook Statuses That Make You Want To Punch A Wall.

October 25, 2010
By lightningscar- BRONZE, Stratford, Other
lightningscar- BRONZE, Stratford, Other
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Social Networking sites can be very helpful. They can help speed important information, help you get in touch with your peers and reunite with old friends. But if there is one thing, that is utterly irritating about Facebook, it is the status updates.
There many horrible things that you can type in your status updates, and here are just a few.
"ttc" or text the cell or textthecell followed by a phone number. If somebody wants to text you, they will, you don't need to give out your number to everyone and their brother.

in;vancouver;this;week or shopping;with'friends,sooo;fun. This annoys me mainly because it seems like everyone does it, they use semicolons for spaces? WTF? I don't understand it, it is basically just a violation of the English language, and it really irritates me.

suchagoodtimetoday;callthephone'textthecell. This one is kind of in relation to the others but brings up another topic, no spaces between words. Its not cool, it makes you hard to understand and above all it is annoying.

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnn with the gurlies at the mallllll 2dayzz.. yupp. That kinda crap annoys me too, surprise right? Of course not. Well, using to many letters in a status, on a wall post or anywhere just bugs me, because, well it's stupid.

textzecell;inboxme;babysittingtoday. Urg. Once again this one has to do with other anoying things but bring up two more topics. Topic one: To Inbox is not a verb. People are really stupid for thinking someone sent them "an inbox". No it's YOUR INBOX as in where the messages go 'IN'. If they would just say "messageme" it wouldn't be as bad. Two: babysitting? Why are you texting people if you’re babysitting? At least if you’re going to text, don't advertise it where the parents of the children are going to see it! One again, STUPID.

So, this is just a short list of Facebook statuses that really annoy me, and probably you as well. Personally, it really bothers me when people can’t take the time to type something properly. Why do we use short forms on the Internet? I believe it all comes back to how we’re all just moving too fast. Life is short enough as it is, why do we insist on powering thought it like we do.

So next time your typing a Facebook status, or really doing anything, jut think, do I really have to speed through this the way I do, or can I take time to refelt on life as a whole. I think we all may have better lives that way.

The author's comments:
Yes, I realize that the article quickly changes purpose. I aslo realize that we, as people quickly do everything. So deal with it.
Also, you should've seen the spaz Microsoft Word took when it read all of the misspellings.

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