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Will You Sparkle For Me?

March 5, 2013
By Sakuya PLATINUM, Richmond, Virginia
Sakuya PLATINUM, Richmond, Virginia
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Stephenie Meyer’s "Twilight" series is driven on sheer teen angst, with young girls sinking their teeth into every volume. Naturally, avid readers want to be first in line to buy the next book, and want to meet the stars in the motion picture. Picture this: Lines more than twelve blocks long, cameras flashing frantically fighting to see even a glimpse, screams of preteen fans echoing in a never-ending rush, and mothers who were dragged to the event(or who equally participate with daughters). This is a typical Twilight premiere, be it for the movies or books; which is tame in comparison to one of the stars actually visiting a local area. People have what some like to call fan-gasms, a chronic disease-now a pandemic-infecting billions of fans. Symptoms may include playing with red apples, naming a child after a star and worshiping the books at cult-like meetings. Frankly it is insane what some people will go to just to show their addiction. It is not necessary to go this far over the top for a novel. Others would argue that it is “more than a book” and it is their “way of life”. Those people might need some therapy. The idea that vampires are no longer used to terrorize small children, but now sparkle and don’t even have fangs is daunting. It is now about forbidden love, and the love hexagons that come with it. Vampires use to be afraid of the sunlight, as it was their weakness. Now, they sparkle in it like Lady Gaga trapped in a disco ball. The books themselves are not entirely the problem. It’s the fans. People do not need to act like hysteric morons just to get a picture with pointy-faced Robert Pattinson. Nor do they need to sigh every time Taylor Lautner’s shirt moves in the breeze in hopes of seeing his abs (though they are quite lovely). Fans do these annoying actions for attention. Though it is more than just for attention; it is also to follow a trend set by the media, and feeling like one belongs. It’s just like in high school. People want to fit in, so they conform to what others are doing in order to be accepted. Even if the latest trends aren’t best for one’s health, like smoking or drinking underage, people still do it. They go along with everyone because humans long to be accepted. Think of it like a science hypothesis; if Twilight fans act like nut jobs on crack, then others who want to belong will thus do the same.Twilight might give people an excuse to act crazy, but it does nothing but annoy others. It isn’t necessary to act like a rabies infested dog because some human being who just happened to
be in the movie is standing next to you. No, they will not sparkle for you.

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