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My Generation Can't Go Wrong With

May 17, 2013
By Sakuya PLATINUM, Richmond, Virginia
Sakuya PLATINUM, Richmond, Virginia
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Today is the day I’m finally going to become a man! I’m going to get a tattoo and huge, gaping holes in my ears. I’ll bet I can stick my cell phone through the holes… At first, the only motivation I had was that my friends had bet me a nickel that I wouldn’t have the guts to do it. Now who’s the one with the nickel? My friends didn’t come with me to the tattoo parlor because it’s in this weird end of town by the train tracks. The shop’s called “Scarring”. See, for the tattoo design, I was thinking I’d get a motorcycle on fire. No, I don’t drive a motorcycle, hell, I’ve never been on one. But it’s gonna look sweet. Everyone will think that I’m tough because I have a tattoo and they won’t mess with me. I could get a second tattoo, right on my forehead, and it’d say “Manville”. Hopefully, the sketchy tattoo guy I’m paying one hundred bucks spells it right. As for my gauges, I figured I should just get them to complete the look. My friends told me that the tattoo guy is just going to use this ring, but I’m pretty sure he’s just going to use a knife. Once the infection is gone, I think I’ll put these fake goldfish inside them, so it looks like there’s an aquarium in my ears. My girlfriend is going to love my new look. I’m sure all her friends are going to love it too. People will think I’m a bad-boy with a motorcycle, so they’ll have to stay outta my way. I’ll have to start wearing a leather jacket and grow a beard. Man, when the pain subsides I’m going to look Gangsta.

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