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Jeans: The Personality Statement

December 11, 2008
By Christian Kilmer BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
Christian Kilmer BRONZE, Kenner, Louisiana
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Jeans: The Personality Statement

Jeans: pants or trousers made from denim. Primarily created for work, they eventually became popular daily wear in the 1950s. Today, this particular article of clothing is a staple in any modern wardrobe and can be found hanging in any closet or folded in any dresser. With the ever-changing fashion industry in control, jeans have traveled through many eras and styles, and here they are: more creative, flashy, and glamorous than ever. Rhinestones, embroidery, and fabric paint may be splashed acrossed these blank canvases in various patterns to add personality and spice, or they may come completely plain. Once found in only one style, jeans today can be found in any shape, size, color, or style that an outfit might require. The style of jeans one chooses is an explicit expression of personality.
The Sweethearts

The sweethearts are the jeans that can be found in the girl-next-door’s closet. They are not too tight or too loose, and they completely cover all the parts of the body they are meant to cover. No obnoxious prints or stones adorn these pants, and they look like the perfect cut for the wearer. The traditional blue, slightly faded color, the ends of the legs come to the exact right spot on the top of the shoes, and the waist ban sits just between the waist and the hips. A T-shirt or cute, simple top and tennis shoes or sandals usually finish off this style. The sweetheart-wearing girl is friendly and approachable. She is not too worried about fashion, but she still takes pride in her appearance. She probably stumbled upon these perfect pants by chance and fell in love with them on the spot. They are simple and easy-going—the perfect expression of self for the neighborhood sweetheart.
The Skinnies

Unlike the sweethearts, the skinnies are meticulously searched for. Fitting like a glove, they must hug in exactly the right places, or else they miss the intended style. Skinnies must be a dark wash—usually dark grey, black, or dark blue—and remain close to the leg all the way down to about an inch past the ankle. The waist ban clings to the hips and is usually threaded with an eccentric belt found in a music store. The best place to find a decent pair of skinnies is in those dimly-lit clothing/music stores that blast slightly scary heavy metal over the speakers. Band shirts or too tight, neon-colored T-shirts top off these jeans, while a variety of different color Converse tennis shoes finish off the bottom. An ipod is usually lodged in the back pocket while the white headphones snake up the back and end in one ear. Skinnies are worn by individuals who love music and enjoy being seen as unique. They are the people to ask for advice when buying a new cd or who know of the best concert spots in town. Though the skinny jeans give a somewhat unsociable air, the wearer can be a great friend waiting to bring some uniqueness into another life.
The Ghetto Booties

The ghetto booties are nothing like the sweethearts, but are similar to the skinnies in that they are specifically chosen for an exact look. About two sizes too small, these jeans look practically painted on as the legs and bottom beg to be released from their constricting prison. The waist ban squeezes the hips and creates overflow that isn’t naturally on the waist. The legs come down long enough to cover just the right amount of the Timberland high heeled boots while still allowing them to be recognized. The ghetto booties also tend to include a variety of ostentatious designs like golden apples on the back pockets, string lacing up the sides, or an extensive pattern of rhinestones. Shiny, gold halter tops; sheer, black shirts exposing a leopard print bra; or clingy tube tops are usually paired with these particular pants. A belt with a large buckle may be added to these jeans, but only if it does not take too much attention away from the outfit as a whole. Ghetto booties are worn by girls who love attention. They are independent, courageous women who know what they like and feel good wearing it, no matter what anyone tells them. They demand respect, though some non-ghetto booty-wearing people might find that hard to give. There is very little insecurity found in these extroverted girls, and they would definitely be interesting to have at the next party.
The Rock Stars

The rock star jeans are another unique style that expresses personality. Like the sweethearts, this look is not so much intended as preferred. Most rock star wearers pick these jeans because they are comfortable and have been the choice jeans for years. These jeans fit loose, but aren’t falling off. Holes are prominent in the knees and lower legs, and shreds hang from the bottom of the legs as they drag the ground. Usually a light blue wash, rock stars are commonly matched with vintage T-shirts advertising anything from bands of the 80’s to random short quotes. Skateboard shoes or thick sandals make the look complete. Wearers of rock star jeans are laid back, easy-going people. They are extremely approachable and are glad to converse about great music of the past or whatever might come up. They are accepting of all and can be found on sunny beaches or at the local pizza places. The rock star wearers are good friends to help keep the calm and are great to have around any time.

Some may say that “clothes don’t make the person,” but they do say a lot. Whether it is rock stars, sweethearts, ghetto booties, or skinnies, jeans make a statement about the wearer and their personality. Now, judging a person based entirely on what they wear is not a good thing. Everyone should be given the opportunity to express themselves personally, but taking into account what they wear can be a good way to decide who you might like to meet. Knowing what kinds of jeans symbolize what kind of personalities is helpful, especially in starting a conversation. So the next time someone passes, see what they might be like—check out their pants.

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Awesome! This is totally true. I have noticed one other type, though- the Baggy. You know, the kind that hang off people's butts and hide their shoes.

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This was really good. Continue the writing.

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So where do bell bottoms fit? Haha just messing with you. I love them, but you can't find them anywhere, so I guess I'm stuck with flares and bootcuts.