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Take a Deep Breath

November 1, 2014
By hannahrosee BRONZE, Babylon, New York
hannahrosee BRONZE, Babylon, New York
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Most people are searching for happiness outside of themselves. That's a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something you are, and it comes from the way you think.

The senses are the most powerful instruments in this world. How would you be able to describe objects?, sceneries?, smells?, and textures?. You wouldn’t be able to if it weren’t for the power of the senses.

Sight is one of the most precious senses that you were given. The naked eye is one of the best cameras ever known. With the use of sight you are able to capture the way the ocean curls into perfect barrels and how it stretches out to kiss the sand. How could a human being explain such a scene without having the gift of sight?
The sense of smell captivates a person’s soul and fills the brain with so many visions and creativity. Imagine you are in a garden. A spacious garden that has roses, sunflowers, lavender, mint, rosemary, and parsley. Having all of these smells swirl around you. What does your mind begin to create? an image? a memory?. The sense of smell has the power to commit one person to a memory. Whether if its a good memory or a bad memory. Smells have the strength to remind you of a scene in your lifetime. Smell is is extremely powerful because it gives your brain a chance to generate a piece of art that is only shared with you.

Touch gives you the gift of feeling things that make your heart steady. The touch of the ocean, the way it caresses you in its greatest depths, the way it makes you feel light and worriless. The touch of a lover. The way he gently kisses the bridge of your nose, how it feels so sweet, warm, and soft. The sense of touch gives you the chance to have an intimate relationship with the earth.

The sense of taste illuminates your taste buds and creates a calm state. It is quite extraordinary how just a simple taste of something can change a person’s state of mind. With the power of taste you are able to expand your ethnic boundaries and try all different types of foods from other cultures. It is amazing how the world can come together in such a unique way. The power of taste can do wonders.

Hearing is one of the most powerful gifts you have been blessed with. Hearing gives you the opportunity to meditate and disconnect from the reality of your everyday life.You get to hear the flow and rhythm of a song or the crashing waves on the shore. Hearing gives you the power to get those inner images spinning around your head. Hearing gives you the chance to dream even though you are completely alive and awake. Hearing music, the rain, the ocean, and so many more things, put your mind and body in a trance. 

These senses open you up to a world of rich soul aliveness. These senses make you dig deep into your most deepest emotions. Some people may be afraid of who they may discover or already are. But I promise you if you open your mind and let the power of your brain and the senses take control; even for a couple of minutes you will not be disappointed. There is so much earth and happiness around us that it creates a life full of hope and joy. I would not want you to miss out on such a prize.

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My piece is about the importance of the senses. 

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