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Backpacks Banned

May 15, 2009
By Chase Ainsworth BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
Chase Ainsworth BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
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My backpack, which I have used since sixth grade, is an essential tool to my school life. I need, require, and love my backpack. It holds everything, from my binder to books to folders to more books to projects and everything in between. It holds it all. I would not exist without it. I would be zapped into oblivion never to be seen by another person again if I did not have it. I need my backpack.

Our middle school does not allow students to carry their backpacks in the halls during school or bring them to class with them. I do not like or understand that rule. What could happen if we brought our backpacks to class? Do teachers think that we carry weapons, drugs, or alcohol in our backpacks? If they do, then they are insane! First of all, we have routine search dog surveillance on our lockers, so NO drugs are going to be in school. Second of all, we have a police officer in the building at all times, so NO crime is going to be committed. Plus, there are cameras covering every square inch of the school building, while Mr. Jones, the head custodian, watches the monitors at all times with a scrutinizing eye, making sure NOTHING bad happens. There is NO possible way any weapons, drugs, or alcohol could be transported into our school by backpack.

Backpacks need to be allowed for use to and from classrooms. Students usually cannot get to their locker and to their next hour classroom within a four-minute passing period. The teachers and faculty of our school do not realize this because they do not have to maneuver themselves through a landslide of other students to get to the other side of the school building to another classroom. Some students have to go to their locker which happens to be in the basement and to their next class which happens to be on the top floor on the other end of the school, so these special students have to make their passing period a race between them and the clock. They tear through the halls and plow through the students (accidentally or not) in their way. Some students get book-checked (when someone knocks their victim’s books out of their hands and onto the floor) and have to clean up their mess, resulting in them running to their next class because the amount of time they have is greatly diminished. Backpacks need to be allowed for use to and from classrooms.

School life would be much easier if backpacks were allowed. There would be no rushing to lockers, landslides of students, book-checking, or any other calamities that might happen in the halls. School life would be much easier if students could actually USE their backpacks.

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Katie said...
on Mar. 27 2015 at 2:31 pm
I honestly agree with this article simply because when speaking about students being tardy or interrupting a teachers instructions is obviously rude so there may be a lesser tardy percentages when the students have there backpacks then having to go back and forth to get there stuff from there lockers.