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Homeschooling <VS.> Public Schooling

March 4, 2014
By KkatKreationz PLATINUM, Minerva, Ohio
KkatKreationz PLATINUM, Minerva, Ohio
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I am currently sixteen years old and have had the experience of both Public and Online schooling at home- if you want to define it as homeschooling, hey, who am I to stop you? Both Public and Online (or homeschooling) are very different from each other, yet both offer their benefits and…not. I will tell you the Pros and Cons of both, in my experience and others experiences.

Stereotyping is often exploited in a situation much like this, “So where do you go to school?”
Now here’s where I will normally outwit most people and steer clear of this conversation. But If I’m being totally honest I will usually be brutally honest –in which I will admit, I find some fun in- and tell them outright, “I’m homeschooled.” Usually people will either do one of two things, 1. They will proceed to ask me the details, slightly or more interest, or 2. Give me a funny face and dismiss me entirely. In some situations I understand where they are coming from. Homeschoolers are classified as weird- stay-away-from-them types. I have met those people. But hey, I’m also a blond so I get more than my fair share of stereotyping SO I know how it goes.
But there’s more to homeschooling than meets the eyes.

Yes, I do get asked if I’m unsociable and awkward in some situations. But isn't most everybody? And we often get asked, “What do you do for sociable activities?” My goodness people. It’s not like we are aliens. Like everyone else we go to the YMCA until high school. Then from there we go to many –and I do mean many- youth groups or library functions and get then get a job. See? Normal. I can’t forget about the drama! Its so easily free that It’s almost blissful. I’m a person that doesn’t do drama. It’s just…pointless.
As a homeschooler we get to go our own pace. Some of my friends know this well- there are some people who need help. People who do not understand the math or the English or the science and are too far behind so they can’t graduate. Well, thats not fair to them. Being a homeschooler you can wake up at any given time –whether you’re an early bird or a noonish nun- bush your teeth, take a shower, and then sit down and do school. As long as you have the points you can graduate early or late. You can do school for how many hours you need, take a break for work and then do it again.

I was terrible at Math. Terrible. Now I’m a B average student, Because of the time I can actually put into school. Because of the No-Child-Left-Behind program people are just shoving kids through high school and then expecting them to know stuff. They expect them to know what to do in the real world.
But those kids don’t know.
Being a homeschooler, I’m taught about money. About how to handle the bills. How to pay my way through college so that I can have a career. I’m not saying that public schoolers arnt taught about money and what-not. Its just that I have more time to spend with my family and therefore, learn.

Public schooling-
I used to go to Public school. So, bear with me. It’s not like I’m dissin’ it. Elementary and then middle. It was brutal! But I do remember how many friends I had. Every other day I was asked to someone else’s house to spend the night. I remember all the girls giggling and talking about how cute one boy is over another. (Pro #1) until they stabbed you in the back.

I go to the library quite a lot. Sometimes to finish up school work, sometimes to meet up with friends. But its funny- Everyone talks about how homeschoolers are the unsociable awkward ones. When I go to the library I see everyone in their phones, texting away, oblivious to the world. And if you try to talk with them? Oh- boy. Yeesh. (Con #1)

Being public schooled is like…. jail.I think everyone can admit that. Everyday you have a routine. Each day; class, this class, that class, oh-no! I forgot my history book in my locker on the second floor! It was quite a workout. (Con#2) Oh, and don’t forget them swirlies and the bully’s and the frenemies. There was also so many things going on. I couldn’t focus on my schoolwork like I wanted and things didn’t make sense. I thought I was an idiot. Stupid. Moron. But I wasn’t. The math program was not.. .. right. One example, is that I remember bringing home a page of homework in math. Mom was in the kitchen standing on a stool. She climbed down and asked if I was OK. I told her I needed help with math. So I showed her how my teacher taught me to do that particular problem.

But she said that was wrong. And proceeded to show me the right way to do it. It made sense, but I couldn’t get past the fact that my teacher told me to do it this way. The teacher was saying 2+2 was not 4 but 1. Now- I don’t know about you but this was devastating to me. Being what, ten? And having you’re teacher not know what she’s talking about made you scared that you didn’t know what was going on and that made you feel helpless and stupid. Talk about not-right.

And then the biggest Con of all. After the --jail- school time you would have some sort of practice whether it be band, football, soccer, choir, etc. You get home roughly at six, and then you have mounds and mounds of homework. Isn’t it enough that you spent six hours at a desk all day but then homework?!
"aw heck naw. That aint right, man."

There are bad situations in both cases. Like bringing a gun to school, or having your parents beat you half to death every day. Both are pretty horrible. Both are equally brutal. But It’s not about the situation, its about the people whom are in that situation. The kids whom bring a gun to school; They just want someone to hear them. The kids whom are being beaten; They also want someone to hear them.
What I’m getting at is that both situations are going to be there no matter if you’re homeschooled or public schooled. Each situation has its people. And the people are who mess it up for everyone else.

I know, some things are better for different people. You’re parents may work 42 hours a day and you need to fend for yourself. I know people who would be perfectly suited for homeschooling, yet take it wrongly because of the stories they have heard. I know Public Schooled kids who are absolutely brilliant. I also know homeschooled kids whom are freshman and have the highest GPA in the senior class.
This article was not to change your mind about homeschooling or public schooling. Its your opinion and I respect that, entirely. This was just to show some people that homeschooling isn't an evil voo-doo practice. And yes, I have had people say that to me. My choice is homeschooling. Its better suited for my situation. I know people –parents work all day and then come home, exhausted, to pay the bills- and these people need to be public schooled.

It is your opinion, my Friend. Not mine.
“Over and out.”

I'm just glad i dont have to deal wiht any of those mean mean mean girls....

The author's comments:
I sincerely apologize for any typo's or missed spellings.
What did you think?
Opinions would be much appreciated.

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Alli W. said...
on Apr. 14 2014 at 2:57 pm
I was homeschooled my whole life, except 7th grade. HATED, HATED, HATED public school! (I really love telling people who think homeschoolers are dumb that I scroed higher than all the juniors on my PSAT  as a freshman, haha). I agreed with pretty much everything you said. Veyr good :)

IMSteel BRONZE said...
on Mar. 11 2014 at 11:57 am
IMSteel BRONZE, Wallhala, South Carolina
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Great article! I agree with most everything you said here. I'm homeschooled.

on Mar. 8 2014 at 10:22 am
TrishDestiny PLATINUM, Jerantut , Pahang, Other
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I don't want to end up simply having visited this world.”

Cool! I have had  both private and homeschool too! This article is an eye opening, btw. Homeschool gave us more space , less stress and pressure condition. Nobody to put you in detention when you listen to  your headphone. etc. Its a bless :)