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November 17, 2008
By Nikki-Tabibian GOLD, Los Angeles, California
Nikki-Tabibian GOLD, Los Angeles, California
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Math is a ladder. If all steps are followed then the ladder will ascent towards the stars. But if steps are skipped, then its victim plunges into an unforgiving sea of bewilderment and must embark upon the ladder once again. There is no way around this ladder for geometry states a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. I am sincerely fond of geometry for, like math, it is an honest subject. For instance, at a young age one discovers one plus one equals two. This demonstrates Math’s truthfulness towards the human mind. Therefore, I believe Math will thrust me forward in life. This year I hope to learn concepts and formulas that will compel me towards my life’s goal. I dream that someday I can heal pains. I dream to become a doctor and to save lives. And I believe that my love for math will guide me.

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