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Tablets or Textbooks?

July 31, 2015
By Tamie GOLD, Sonora, California
Tamie GOLD, Sonora, California
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Some schools are switching from textbooks to tablets.  Alot of highschools are trying to get the money together to do so. I know Sonora Elementry school has been trying to get tablets for there 5th to 8th grade classes.  People have been devating if it is a good idea to use tablets instead of textbooks.   


Some of the people who are for using tablets instead of textbooks  use some pretty good aguments. One of the aguments I heard was that  with tablets kids will take better care for them instead of textbooks.  Another one I heard was that tablets are lightier therfore making yourr backpack lightier and easier to carry all day. Kamie said," I believe for special education classes tablets are ok becuase some of the kids can not follow along with textbooks. However, for general education tablets should not be allowed because  it is just one more elctronic." Another person said," That if we give children  tablets it will make them want to learn more becuase kids love electronics." Those are just some of the few agurments that I have heard or read. 


I am agianst schools getting tablets instead of textbooks.  I believe that if you give some one a tablet in school they will use uit to get on social media or play games.  Today kids already use there phones during class what is going to stop them from using the tablets the same way? 

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This is an article for school. Thank you for anyone who particpated in this debate. 

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