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School Uniforms

March 2, 2009
By jenny lee BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
jenny lee BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
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What if some public schools required students to wear uniforms? I believe students should not wear school uniforms in public schools. Most students are not going to wear the school uniforms anyway. I think this punishes the students and everyone should have the right to wear what they want.

First, students should have is the right to wear what they want. 'Students must respect what others are wearing?' Students want to stand out with crowds, so they wear what they want. Clothes and jewelry are expressions, showing who they are. Schools should allow students to wear what they want to. Schools should understand the student's point of view too sometime.

Another problem is the cost of school uniforms. Many students' families can't afford the cost of school uniforms. What if all schools from elementary, middle school, and high school required students to wear school uniforms. Some parents don't have money for school uniforms at. The school district should help students pay for uniforms if they wanted us wear them.

The third reason is that everyone will look alike. Our freedom of expression will be lost. Clothes are our own style on what we wear. Students don't like wearing the same clothes everyday when we go to school. Clothing should be an expression for us, our own style. School uniform is not a policy for students to wear and only the school boards could choose for us. If everyone wears what they want, then they are happy. What if happen for reason when students wearing school uniforms?

Some public schools shouldn't have students wear school uniforms. Some clothes are very inappropriate to wear to school and home. Sometimes if you express yourself, it is good. What if students don't have freedom wear what they want? Parents would have to work too hard to get school uniforms if all schools in United States had to wear uniforms. 'Students should have the right of freedoms speech to wear' The students deserve to wear whatever they like.

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on Dec. 11 2013 at 12:42 am
hi i feel school uniform is must for kids,because .. 1)its give good image to school 2)its doest not show the difference each child.its show every one equal.  

nycluvr said...
on Apr. 23 2009 at 1:45 pm
i really like your article i think the same way and my family is one of those who can't pay for school uniforms.

on Mar. 24 2009 at 4:26 am
::[Supergirl]::, Ottawa, Kansas
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I agree that students should be aloud to what they want because it shows who they are. The teachers at my school can tell by the way I dress what kind of music I listen to and they have even guessed a few of the people I look up to and want to be like through my freedom of expression and way of dress. My friends and I believe that being different from others and being accepted for not looking alike is part of what brings us confidence. Having our own style and expressing ourselves how we want is good for us.

And about the articles of clothing being inappropriate for school, booty shorts, see-through tank tops, belly shirts, and other revealing clothing etc, is why most schools have a dress code in which every student is to follow. If caught not following the dress code students are made to change into shirt/pants that the school has provided for them or have their parent/guardian bring you something to cover yourself up.

As for the clothing being inappropriate for home, I believe that if the parent/guardian thought the clothing was unacceptable they wouldn’t have let their child walk out of the house like that. Although some children and teens take other clothing in a backpack and change at school, or their parent/guardian isn’t home or awake when they leave the house.

I also agree on the money issue regarding these school uniforms board members believe are necessary. In the city I live in, uniforms for most students, including ones that normally have what seems like all the money in the world, probably wouldn’t be able to afford it for the simple fact that the economy is down. People are losing their jobs. So not every family is going to have the money for these uniforms. Otherwise there are also good things about having school uniforms but I don’t think they relate to MAJOR problems in school districts with the students. Also if the economy is down and people are losing their jobs that means the government is out of money because people aren’t getting paid and the percentage of money taken out of every workers paycheck for Federal taxes and such makes no sense for why they would want school uniforms knowing beforehand that making the uniforms and having the regulations fit the school dress codes will cost money for the school board to get them, and then more money for the parent/guardian to buy the uniform for their child. So in my eyes everything is a big financial mess and fight for money.

Im not going to deny the fact that depending on the situation, school uniforms may be necessary. As in if there is an obsessive amount of other students, particularly ones without a lot of money, being picked on and made fun of for there clothing they must wear to school. But bullying isn’t exactly a huge problem in most societies. It may be a big one, but not a huge one that offence must be taken ASAP. Yes, it is important to help students and to bring them back up after being out down but changing what everyone wears at school wont change that from happening. The talk about people will probably never change. For example; “Oh, she looks fat in that skirt! Hahahahaha!” Others will look at the ones who used to dress poorly and blame them for the reason the uniforms are being worn in that particular school.

This is my opinion on the school uniforms and why or why not I believe they should or shouldn’t be in schools. I know others will have their own opinions and I’m okay with that. Feel free to make any comments on my post as you wish.