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A Future Shaped In Words

October 20, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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Ironically, dreams are what drives our reality." - myself

Society is a complex one. One that should not be complex. Men and women take too much time in their mind thinking about seemingly nonsense like thoughts. I for one think the very thought of racism is childish. Their is no such thing as a superior race and if someone thinks that their is one, then they are very ignorant in thinking so. To the ignorant, intelligence is ingnorant. That thought is the reasoning why people with high intelligence don't fit in in social groups. Not saying that I don't, but not as much as others. My personality contributes a lot to people liking me, but I am very picking on who I would spend time with. Sometimes, I feel surrounded by ignorance, but with every great mind who is down on his luck has an oasis of light, up ahead, in their future. That is what I believe, so I do not worry much of the life that I lead, now. Sometimes, I spend my days trying to find this oasis. At times, I write short stories of horror and psychology. Many who have read these short stories, find these stories to be brillant. I am using this to showcase my talents and in exchange, I may become rich and famous from doing something I love. With every word written on a page, is a part of me and I am sharing a part of me to whom every comes across one of my written works. I do not think that I know everything and I am far from it, but with an ignorant society, I have grown, quite agrogant of my intelligence. Agrogant in a way, that I find people who are ignorant in subject matters that I am not in, to be of below intelligence and are they really? Is the nonthinkers, a normal intelligence in today's society? One thing is for sure, when I am a full grown man, society is going to be much different and I think it will at my own hands.

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