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Freedom of speech.

October 22, 2009
By Krisi SILVER, Clearwater, Kansas
Krisi SILVER, Clearwater, Kansas
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All I'm saying is, take that metaphorical duct tape off your mouth and be heard.

Long ago in a year not so long ago. Well, yeah its been awhile, around 1774 our forefathers finally got sick and tired of being pushed around and started a revolution and our most important amendment of all is and will forever be freedom of speech. We have the right and the duty to speak our minds in anyway; in newspapers, on TV, through radio, heck even burning the flag is a form of freedom of speech. But I think we as a nation have become soft-eared and blind to the truth. I remember learning about the Cold War and you could be investigated for just sounding like you were a communist.
You could have said "look how RED the car is." and get interrogated. I also believe that as students we are being told what to think and say. There are many students that choose to speak their minds to subjects that are deemed "inappropriate" they get scolded for thinking and voicing their opinion. It seems to me that we are being molded into soft-eared individuals. Why? Why are some subjects so taboo that we can't even say certain words.
As a school newspaper we can't write certain things for fear of being caught under fire. Why? Unfortunately you can't answer a question with a question. But let me ask you this: What do YOU think? Why are you silent? Stand up and let your voice be heard! Why be afraid of what some people think when there are some people who agree with you.
Why be afraid of telling the truth? I think what this school needs is to be less conservative and more free thinking about: Abortion, gay rights, sex education, things that are important and need to be discussed openly and freely. All I'm saying is, take that metaphorical duck tape off your mouth and be heard.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece originally for my school paper, unfortunately, prior to submitting this piece I expressed myself through a letter to the editor and was persecuted and attacked, which resulted in the expulsion of this piece from the paper. Which I found very hypocritical and wrong, so I decided to post this story so everyone could see what I found important.

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