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Selfish or Not?

November 24, 2009
By apurvis SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
apurvis SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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You hear a lurid scream; sporadically you jump out of bed to see what is going on. Looking out the window you can see a woman fighting to get away and then…stab! A quip was yelled from a window, “Leave that girl alone!” But nothing is done. Instead of calling 911 you remain lax and never leave your domicile. Then again you hear, “I’m dying! I’m dying!” What should you do? By meticulously calling the police you could obviate a murder from occurring. Now 30 minutes have elapsed and still no one has called the police. The murderer returns one last time and kills the innocent woman. Once the accident is done and the victim is dead someone finally calls the police, they arrive and wonder why they were not called sooner. What is wrong with America?
The only sensible conjecture the cops can come up with is no one heard the screeches for help…but this is not the case. Some witnesses said they were scared, others simply didn’t want to make and rash decisions; one even admitted that he just wanted to go to bed. Now they will have to live with knowing they allowed a murder to happen.
Do Americans only care about their own well-being? Apparently they do. There are no excuses for allowing someone to be brutally stabbed. Saving someone’s life should come before sleeping. Saving someone’s should overcome fear. And saving someone’s life should definitely allow you to make a sudden decision. This is a wake up call to all Americans. When someone is in danger, give a helping hand. If you want to protect yourself it only takes one simple phone call. 911.

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