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November 1, 2010
By Mistraven GOLD, Brookton, Maine
Mistraven GOLD, Brookton, Maine
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Divine help me, I'm An Athenian In a school of Spartans!

Far back into human history from the dawn of man in the most archaic age to now in the present day. From the power and unnecessary grander and glory of the roman empire, to the genocidal Holocaust I see that we are a race of violent, bloodthirsty, savages with extremely limited minds. when I look up at the skies to see a beacon of hope in the stars and yet I see none. The goddess and god, provides some salvation from the black seas of turmoil and repute that are the more noticeable side of the human race.

Some divine force, no matter how powerful will not save us alone, we must act together and understand other factions, sects, and other assorted groups. Only when we learn to except the differences and foreign traits of others and leave them be, then only then will we find true salvation. The other prospect is that if the world unites the greed, bloodlust, and true evil of the human race will surface larger than ever before.

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