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The Lies about the Truth

March 15, 2012
By solinagal PLATINUM, Chamblee, Georgia
solinagal PLATINUM, Chamblee, Georgia
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Let’s face it—lying is a part of being human. We’ve all lied to our parents. At one time or another, we have found ourselves in a situation where we, in a way, have no other choice than to lie. I’m not going to lie (no pun intended); I’ve said some things to my mother that were not exactly true. While they’re not the most extreme of cases (where I am, who I’m with, how much I paid for that dress), I lied. You see, if I would have told the truth, my mother would have had me by the ear, called my friend’s parents, and made me return the dress—and give me a lengthy lecture about saving money).
Where did the lie even come from? What possessed the Neanderthals to hide their food from the others? What possesses parents to lie to their children and say that Santa is, in fact, real? The answer is simple: It’s just human nature. We let other things in nature run their course. We can’t stop tornadoes, or hurricanes, or that horrible time of the month; so why is lying such a taboo?
I honestly think (and I am a very responsible person) that lying to your parents is just part of growing up. Two year olds eat Crayons, Five year olds hit each other, thirteen year old girls are bitches to one another—it’s just the way things are. And once you reach a certain age, you are allowed to start lying to your parents. It’s okay to be a little reckless and do what your parents would scold you for—in moderation of course.
You’re supposed to mess up when you’re young. It’s so palpable it’s almost a tradition. I mean, what college student is actually staying in their dorm and studying on Friday nights? What teenage girl is “just going to the movies with a friend, Mom”? And what teenage boy is sneaking off in the woods to observe the effects of rain on the density of tree bark? None.
It’s almost as if we live in a world that is controlled by hypocritical crazies. Our parents tell us not to this and not to do that, but in reality, they did the exact same thing. Sometimes I wonder if the real reason our parents tell us we can’t go out is because they’re jealous that they don’t have their youth back. I am 100% positive that my mother smoked weed and got drunk and partied. Well, partially because she’s told me, but even if she hadn’t, it’s so obvious. All adults have lied. Even Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States admitted to cheating on his wife—but not after lying about it first.
What has this world come to?
I don’t know why I’m rambling on about this topic, but it really strikes me hard. When we get in fights with our parents or siblings, our mothers tell us, “I was never as bad as you. When my mother asked me to do something, I did it!”
No you didn’t. Or, you did it at first, but then realized that the window in your room could actually be put to use.
I guess what I’m trying to get across here, is that it’s absolutely 100 percent normal to lie to your parents. That or you’re some poor kid who can only dream of a life where his parents don’t have him whipped.

We live in the real world now; it’s not some fantasy land. Bad things happen, people lie, and cheat, and do unforgivable things. We are those people. And if we’re not, we will become them someday. Go have fun and be crazy. You’ll look back on it later and think, Wow, I actually had fun as a teenager. What happened?
After all, your parents would by lying to you too if they said they always told their parents the truth.

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