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My Plea

November 15, 2008
By Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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The pointless lives we live constructed for the soul purpose of conformity and continuous mistakes over endless periods of time. Weak and ignorant the human race looks for inexplicable answers in unspoken areas. We all walk by each other daily but do not link arms or hold hands or talk with undivided attention towards each other. There is no change, we constantly repeat the ignorance and imperfections of our past over and over again until the sequel is unable to continue and the show must be cut. Our emotions, running constantly through our veins searching for the perfection in every soul encountered and the happiness that was taken at such a young age when the majority mistakenly made unforgivable choices in their youth that would haunt their futures for life. I sit and wonder, in constant thought, scared of who I may become or what choice I might regrettably ruin. This one life, for all that we know of, godless or not is all; and mistakes cannot be tolerated or at least not consciously taken forth.

Hatred and confusion, wonder and pondering, love and happiness, intelligence and ignorance are all emotions controlling our youth and deciding the already complicated paths of our old. Our entire lives now constructed on surpassing our demons that our rebellions cast only to eventually conform to the normality that we were rebelling against. Bunches of people everywhere, mistakes, only spreading ignorance to an accepting world. Too much talking instead of discovery, I wonder if the potential of this world will ever be reached. I do not think so, but after all when buildings are burned, dictators march, and the skies reign with terror; there is always hope; this I know.

I apologize in advance for the change I will preach and die to suggest. I apologize to the friends and family I will abandon to carry out this needed righteous path. I apologize to the son or daughter I would have had had I stopped my proceedings and conformed like the rest. I’m sorry to the teachers that taught me all that I know and the legends that influenced me forever. I’m sorry for the mother of me who will have to misfortune of seeing her son lye before her, no air in his lungs, before the death of herself. The journey must be taken, the adventure must be documented; the change must be spoken of. I refuse to accept what is given to me and to reach for the levels I can only see above me. I will extend my god given soul past this life’s boundaries and into the next for the good of the people. The people that are together but do not gather. The people, who preach of intelligence, but teach ignorance. The people that have made, even me, lose hope.

Today and every other day will be the same. The same old battered goal that had been marinating in my thoughts for as long as I have held air in my lungs stands clear today and with the same clarity tomorrow. Sex, drugs and money, all paths some insist on calling happiness; but this I do not believe. Something inside me tells me other wise. Every time these paths to happiness are offered I politely turn them down. All the ones around me, spinning out of control running into the paths they know will hurt them and ruin their lives, but they continue running, they continue spinning; this world will not change my friends will become dead to me. This sadness I feel for this unfortunate fact prohibits my conscious thought from sleeping, my breathing from calmly escaping; my trust from accepting. My guard will always be up, I will never trust, this is not the choice I chose. This is not the unfortunate plague I send to my friends, it is the unfortunate plague I received on my door step long ago. With this I say my hope is dying, but my feet are still running my mind is still turning; through everything I still understand in all of my pain that my hope will never die, my perseverance will never dwindle but my belief in those around me has sadly come and gone. To those reading this or read this with time to come, stop ruining your bodies, stop breaking hearts, stop conforming to ignorance, and stop repeating the mistakes continuously made in our past. This is my plea…

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Snowberry said...
on Feb. 15 2016 at 7:08 pm
You have amazing talent and have captured who you are and expressed it through the pen to perfection! Bravo!

on Jun. 10 2010 at 9:15 am
Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
16 articles 0 photos 1 comment
Thank you very much. I only hope you're right.

on Jun. 9 2010 at 11:30 am
you_are_awesome GOLD, London, Other
10 articles 0 photos 20 comments

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Wow you can really feel the emotion behind that!

i looked at some of your other work too- its all pretty amazing. youre going to go far -Good luck :)