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Our Society

November 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Today in our socity there is so much that is going on from our past society. I feel that our society is falling apart day by day. Not the society itself but things inside of our society like parents, children, teachers, media and so on. I feel that parents aren't playing the role that they decided to enter like taking care of there children, providing there needs, giving them guidance, and giving them support. I feel that the teachers aren't giving enough support but giving to much judgement on students. I also feel that teachers are picking students to help and students to injure in the educational world. I feel that children aren't hearing some of the things that they should be hearing as in the simple words of I love you. I also feel that children aren't seeing love at home so they run out and look for it else where. That's a Problem, and what's worse is that parents aren't reconizing it. I feel that the media is giving our children a bad observation of the world, like secular images( things of the world), sex, vulgar language , violence, glamorizing young marriage, premarital sex, doubting the effects of easy to get drugs, and sectionalizing society

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I love to wirte poetry and I love to dance

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In the very first sentence, I am pretty sure you meant "society", not "socity".