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lovers quarrel

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

I saw a man beat a woman to a bloody pulp. Are you not appalled by this lurid image? “38 Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police” was written about this touchy subject. The murder was long and drawn out over an elapse of 35 minutes. It took the man three attempts to actually succeed. During this period 38 people bared witness to this atrocity and all 38 failed to obviate this woman’s demise. All they would have had to do is dial 911 from the security of their own domical, but still, all 38 failed to do so.

If 38 people saw you or a loved one being murdered and none of them were meticulous enough to even get a hold of the police, you would be aw-struck. These people will have to live with this moral anguish on their consciences the rest of their lives. As for the people that yelled down and tried to help her, they should feel completely embarrassed and ashamed. They were either too stupid or too lazy to dial three numbers. Even dialing zero for the operator would have worked. Idiots.
Maybe they thought it would be to rash to assume the worst, but you can’t tell me that of 38 people, no one could tell it was a murder. She was sporadically screaming and crying out for help. Get a clue people.
One witness had a foolhardy conjecture. She made a quip that she thought it was a lover’s quarrel. She’s the laziest of all 38 witnesses. She knew how physical the so called quarrel had gotten and seemed to think it was a lax situation. People like this should be subject to punishment. They might as well have driven the knife through the poor girl’s bleeding heart.

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