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Austin Street

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear Residents of 82-62 Austin Street,
As you know Kitty Genovese has been brutally murdered, the lurid details of an accident have not been published, but we know what happened. The authorities have no one in custody; the killer is still running loose. These sporadic murders have been happening over Queens, and we need to stop it. The witnesses made various conjectures about the why they didn’t call the police to save Kitty. In the paper it said ten minutes elapsed before the man stabbed her again. It’s our duty as residents to make rash decision and call the police if you hear someone screaming.
Our domicile has the perfect view of the city; we can stop these murders from happening again. If you see someone outside on the street that needs help, you should help them to obviate the risk of serious injury. Our meticulous actions may help save a life of another person. As your landlord I propose we set up a night watchman program, each night one man or women will stand in the lobby and watch the people coming in and out of the building. This will insure only people from the building can come into the building. You will be equipped with a cell phone, incase your need to call the police. We will have an in depth talk about this at next weeks meeting.
This is not a time to make jokes or quips but a time to remember Kitty and what we could have done to save her. We can’t have a lax attitude toward discipline, the killer has to be caught, so that Kitty can rest in peace knowing that people are safe from this man. We can help her with this program I am proposing.
Thank you for you reading this, it is important to stop whoever is doing this to people. If you have any questions about what I said or mean, feeling free to contact me at the address above or at next weeks meeting.

Katie J. (Landlord)

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