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What Matters

March 17, 2009
By Becky Andris BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
Becky Andris BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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I've written lots of stories'but by far this is the hardest. The question is what matters to you? Well? There are lots of things that matter! Hope, friends, family, food, clothes, love, education, life-Ahh! I can't choose! Some people would shun one if they are wasteful of recourses or money or blah, blah, blah'Who cares?! Money is just a material object that is used to show power and status- recourses, we all need to use them! What about those who can't even afford a decent meal? To them, we look like millionaires! To those people who complain about not having, like a freaking million different outfits- did you ever think about the people who are lucky to have a single outfit? It just makes me so mad! Those who are ungrateful for all the abundant riches they have, they disgust me.
What really matters is that you live life and enjoy what's been given to you! Help those who cannot help themselves. Give food to feed those who go to bed hungry almost every night while we complain about having only toast for breakfast. Come on people! No person is worth more than the other! (Even if I believe that those who shun the poor are worth no more than dirt') We are one people! Color, race, gender, hair color, WHATEVER! Our soldiers are fighting for freedom over in Asia! Why are we- normal citizens- not helping our poor and un-employed? Why are they more important? Shouldn't we focus here as well? I know many people will be-'We need to stop the terrorists!' and 'Free Iraq's people!' Okay, I'll give them that. But aren't there problems with our people as well?

For those people who want to be soldiers in their own hometown, give food to a food pantry. Give away toys and games you never play with anymore, somewhere there's a kid who would die just to have a Barbie doll. My ranting over, we should all help out and give to others. Share the wealth of life and let others know that they're not alone in this big, wide world. Live life as a kind and giving person, not as a stuck-up poser who takes more than they give. That's what matters.

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