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The Death Penalty

March 26, 2009
By Morgan Ashmore SILVER, Centralia, Washington
Morgan Ashmore SILVER, Centralia, Washington
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We have a great justice system, but sometimes it makes mistakes. For example, in 1989 Carlos DeLuna was executed and later, in 2006, A Chicago Tribune investigation revealed groundbreaking evidence that showed Texas had executed an innocent man.(DPIC 2009) Mistakes like this, prove the death penalty should be abolished.

To start off, the death penalty is an unusually severe punishment. This is because for it’s pain(DPIC 2009). Many Death penalty’s can not instantly kill you, making you suffer with your execution. An example if this is getting hung. Also, for its enormity, or hateful action. In the 8th amendment, It is said that cruel and unusual punishment cannot be inflicted. This means that the death penalty, which is an unusually severe punishment, should not be allowed or a posibility for a guilty person.

As stated earlier, Carlos DeLuna Was executed for a fatal stabbing in 1989, of Texas convenience store clerk Wanda Lopez in 1983. But in 2006, A Chicago Tribune investigation revealed groundbreaking evidence that Texas may have executed an innocent man(DPIC 2009). This means, all death penaltys are not accurate, legal, or fair. 1 in 7 executed people are later proven innocent. And these lives, you can’t bring back after executing and later finding the executed person innocent! Do you want to be in a society where inncoent people are killed for a crime they didn’t commit?

“I stand firmly and enequivocally oposed to the death penalty for those who convicted of capital offenses. An evil deed is no redeemed by an evil deed of retaliation. Justice is never advanced in taking a human life. Morality is never upheld by a legalized murder.” Says Coretta Scott King, whose mother in law and husband were murder victims (Gottfried 7). Carrying out the death sentence is wrong because killing is wrong. It is just as wrong when the state does it as a punishment as when a killer murders a victim. The basic case against the capital punishment is summed up by the death epnalty opponets in the four words: “Thou Shalt not kill”. For some this is a religious conviction , for others it’s a moral principle.(Gottfried 12) Either way, murder or execution, you’re killing, and contining the violence.

In conclusion, I am strongly against the death penalty. Innocent lives being ended, continuing violence, and inflicting severe and unusual punishment is not justice. State your opinion on my side, contact your congress person and abolish the death penalty.

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on Apr. 13 2009 at 3:29 am
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