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My Opinion on Religion

August 31, 2018
By WriteFreak BRONZE, London, Other
WriteFreak BRONZE, London, Other
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Religion is something that affects us all, whether we believe in God or not. I think you'll agree with me when I say that the vast majority of the population has an opinion on religion, whether it is a firm atheist standpoint or a devotedness to God. 

Before getting into my personal opinion on religion and God, let's clarify two things. 1: Belief in God and religion are very different things. Belief in God is just your standpoint on whether the Lord exists. Religion is rituals, ceremonies, and things that come with belief in God. 2: I was raised Atheist. Therefore, the opinions stated in this article are quite clearly influenced by my parents, both people who do not believe in God and are in no way religious. The point of this article is not to offend anybody whose beliefs may differ. 

I think that most of us who have an opinion on religion believe in that very strongly. Atheists firmly believe that God does not exist, whereas religious people are loyal to and firmly believe in God. My family (as mentioned above) falls into the category of atheists, and ones that will not accept the existence of a god.  To my family - particularly my father - religion is idiotic, and a belief in God is simply preposterous. 

I don't agree with my father's stance that religion is just foolishness. To some people, religion provides many things. Going to church gives you a community. Sometimes it's freeing to place control in someone else's hands - in this case, God. It also gives you hope. In the bleakest of times, praying will make you feel hopeful, that perhaps good will come. 

But yet, despite having formed an opinion (admittedly incredibly influenced by my parents), I do not feel entitled to it. It is like me forming an opinion about politics in England; I do not feel like I have enough facts or have enough knowlegde in order to make an educated descision. There are no facts that can prove the existence of God.

However, there are no facts that can prove the lack of this. Therefore, do I really have the right to believe so firmly that there is no God - or otherwise?

However, over the years, science has evolved, and there is evidence. Evidence is not a fact: it is what aides to forming a fact. The evidence states that it is unlikely God exists. Do as you please with such information. I choose to trust it, but not as strongly as my family and so many other atheists, because this information still remains as evidence, but not a fact. If you choose to not trust it, you are entitled to. None of this is definitive, so form your own opinion. Most importantly, make sure it is justifiable to you. But remember - there are no facts. 

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