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A Fake Follower

October 19, 2011
By Love16 GOLD, Roanoke, Virginia
Love16 GOLD, Roanoke, Virginia
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Psalm 23.

Awhile back... well just the other day really, I was talking with a group of people. While talking, we each discovered that we were christians. So we asked each other what denomination are you from (Catholic, Baptist, ect..) and when it became my turn, I told the group that I had no denomination. Some of them looked shocked and a silence fell in the room. Then out of nowhere, some said "so your a fake follower then?" I looked at him for a moment and asked back "I don't understand. Can you explain what a fake follower ment?" So he sat higher up in his chair and said across to the whole room "I'm Catholic. I belong to a group. However, you belong to no group at all. That makes you a fake follower because you have no group that you belong to." "So your telling me that just becasue I have no group that I belong to in the christian faith, you label me as a fake follower. And even though I have the love for the Lord, you still call me a fake follower?" I asked getting unnaturally infuriated. "Yeah. You are a fake follower to the Lord." At that moment, I stood up as calmly as I could and walked out mainly becasue there was no need for me to break his face in. So I walked home with that thought still stuck in my head.
So why would people discriminate like that if you are in the same faith? I mean, I know that there is a God that stands in the heavens and watches over me and everyone else in this world. I know that his love and comapssion fills my heart day-to-day. But to call a person a fake follower is just terrible. Its like a slash against my heart everytime I think of it. And what has made it worse, is that before he had called me that, he told the group that he just started his journey in faith. And to have someone like that call me a fake follower.....AHHHH!!!!

Point that I'm trying to get across is that no matter what denomination that a person belongs to, we are all still the same. We worship the same God and we share his love. So don't judge.

The author's comments:
What he said really impacted me becasue when Igraduate form high school, I intend on going into a seminary college and become a pastor at the chruch that I currently go to. And another reason I guess is that the church I go to is one for people with no denommination, and they are like family to me.

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on Oct. 28 2011 at 4:59 pm
dolphin13 BRONZE, North St. Paul, Minnesota
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Ok, that is just wrong! I have a friend who is non-denominational and she still believes basically the same things that I do. Her faith is strong and she has a wonderful knowledge of the Bible.