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A note on your importance

June 29, 2013
By ohfangirlplease SILVER, Cherryville, Missouri
ohfangirlplease SILVER, Cherryville, Missouri
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"We need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken." -Looking For Alaska, John Green

Don’t ever think about whether what you do matters. Because here’s the thing: You will do things with your life. As a human being, you will enjoy them and find some sort of calling on some sort of scale and you will follow those callings. You will do things that matter to you, and that will be all you can do, and someday you will die, and at the last moment of the human race, someone may remember what you did and who you were, but then that someone will die. And a new race will come along and the Earth will live on and everything we as a race have done will no longer matter on a social scale because everyone to ever have lived in our social order will have died. No one, and I mean this, no one will ever do anything that really, really ‘matters’.
But still, in the way that means you exist and all the random possibility in the world has come together in this one period of time and created this beautiful, irrational, complex creature that is you, you are infinitely important. One is, therefore one matters. So don’t categorize worth on what you do in this corrupt idea of a grand scheme of things. Look at your life, look at how rare you are. No one is going to ever have the exact same thoughts that you have, no one is ever going to have the exact same experiences that you have, no one is going to have your legs or lips or tummy or arms, ever again. You are so individual. You are never going to happen more than once.
So maybe what you do doesn't matter.
But you know what does?

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on Jul. 11 2013 at 3:48 pm
Myvoice4change SILVER, Other, Other
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"Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."

This is awesome! Keep writing! This is the kind of stuff that's inspirational, even life-saving at times.