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Evolution: Seriously?

October 28, 2015
By unclealex13 BRONZE, West Des Moines, Iowa
unclealex13 BRONZE, West Des Moines, Iowa
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I've seen a lot of cool science movies. Ever heard of PBS Nova? It's a pretty interesting show that describes how, over millions of years, we evolved from monkeys into the creatures we are today. It describes how, over billions of years, the Grand Canyon was formed from simple erosion. It describes how the entire universe blew up billions of years ago and formed this amazing Earth.

Now, think about something. This is the literal way they say it: "The big bang was a phenomenon that occured over 15 billion years ago, where one particle exploded into billions of galaxies and created the Earth." That sentence is actually a complete total 100% undeniable contradiction of itself. Have you ever seen a car blow up in the movies, or maybe in real life? It's terrible. There is pain and death usually, and what does the car look like in the end? Not much. Does it look like billions of galaxies and a single amazing Earth that has the EXACT amount of oxygen and is the EXACT distance from the Sun (which, by the way, is at the EXACTLY right temperature to keep itself from turning into a blue dwarf star, the hottest star in the universe). Did that just happen because one, single, particle randomly blew up and decided (no, not decided, because everything is random) to create an amazing universe, one that can contain life?

With these true FACTS, literally SCIENTIFIC FACTS, how can an evolutionist possibly believe that the world we see around us today came just from chance? Actually, the evolutionist has to have an extreme amount of faith, yes FAITH to believe that this could actually happen.

Tell me why this is possible for someone to believe in such an absurd theory. (No wait, it's not a theory. Because there are no true facts that support it.)

Did you know that evolutionists have found a "missing link"? They state that it's the evolution from bird to reptile, or maybe the other way around. What is it, truly? It's a bird, with teeth. Ever heard of strange, extinct animals, world? That's the best evolutionists can do? How is THAT a fact?

How can evolutionists possibly not believe that there was a God that created all of this? The human body is perfectly in tune to make it work properly. How is that possible? Because God made it. What's so hard to believe about that? I see no other real theory. In fact, the evidence for Jesus and God is exceptionally more powerful than the evidence for evolution.

I challenge the evolutionist who reads this article to give me one piece of true evidence that states that evolution is real.

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