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Creative Pieces

June 3, 2009
By Robbie Johnson BRONZE, Metcalfe, Other
Robbie Johnson BRONZE, Metcalfe, Other
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Every Friday afternoon in fourth period our class arranges the desks into a circle and we each take turns reading something that we have written over the past week. So I have decided to do this piece on the classes pieces that have been written so far.

Since the beginning of the semester, the class presents many pieces every week. There have been good ones, not-so-good ones and ones that didn't make much sense to some of us. We have shared laughter and happiness, and there have been times of sadness and silence. We have revealed to one another different parts of our lives. Some of these memories were good ones that we like to share, and others have been not so fond memories that we found hard to tell to one another.

I think that when we tell our stories, poems, essays, and opinions, we are also sharing our views, thoughts, and feelings about certain things.

Sure it may be a pain on a Thursday night racking your brain for an idea to use for your piece. You may get many ideas that may have the potential to be fairly good pieces, and some others that probably wouldn't have the same effect. But when you finally get the idea that you feel is the one that will work and be possibly great. Then when you finish writing it and you present it. That feeling of accomplishment you get makes those Thursday nights seem worth it in the end.

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