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A Tortured Soul

July 7, 2009
By Swana Thomas BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Swana Thomas BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Oh, Brutus, Why?
You were the right hand man to Rome
And the best friend of its leader
You awed your country with your fluid words
Your impeccable opinions, and your outstanding humility
But at the strike of twelve did you take the dagger and plunge it
Plunge it into the soul of your most faithful friend
Tis for the good of Rome, you said
Tis for the sake of my people.

But what was the fault in Caesar
Had he done you wrong?
No, but through the persuasion of Cauis Cassius
You were deceived.
Caesar was to be crowned king
And you, his lover, till death did not you but he, part
Because it was thought that he was ambitious

But my dear Brutus
It was not your fault
You, just as your friend, is a victim to the greed for power
You Brutus, you lover of Rome
You in the face of death would face it with valor and honor
Thought only to protect your home
That is why you killed your only friend
You did not do this horrid act for power
Not for ambition, not for greed
You did this for love.

Rome could not ask for a better man Brutus
You killed not Caesar with half so good a will,
But you made his death and your life
A sacrifice worth witnessing with every page read.
So rest in peace my Dear Brutus,
Your love and hope for a better day lives on.
You are to me, not a villain, nor a hero,
But a friend that will be missed.

The author's comments:
Marcus Brutus is portrayed in Shakespeare's play as well as history as a villian in the Roman society. However, what if the people were to think that he was a victim in this tragedy as well? That was the point I wanted to get across.

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