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Teen Love & Canterbury Tales

June 8, 2009
By Anonymous

In The Canterbury Tales a handful of tales were based off of love and desire. The tales show experience in love and lots of desire. These tales are true love and true desire. In a way however, they are made fun of. Within my peers there is “love and desire” but it’s nothing like it is in The Canterbury Tales. Within my peers love is also made fun of. Young people can be in love, but it is seldom real. This is why it is made fun of.

The Wife of Bath’s Tale and prologue was based on love. The wife of bath had been married five times. She had married mostly young men and men with money. She explains her experience with love and desire. The tale also makes fun of love because of the fact that she had been through so many husbands. In the end she had finally find love. She actually loved the man, at first it was for his money and because he was young but then she finally found love. Teenagers often begin their “love” with desire. As a young person that is still in high school I don’t think you can say your in love until you’ve been with the person for a while and have experience as the wife of bath did.

The wife of bath wasn’t as strong in mentioning desire but it did have it. The wife of bath desired the men she married. She desired them for material reasons but in the end fell in love with at least one of them after she got what she desired. With young people they desire what they want and when they get it they are in “love.” With teens the problem is their desire is not strong enough. They get it for the sole purpose of wanting it.

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